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A quest for the Power within.
Guided by 7 ancient Gods

and the wisdom of a Circle of Brothers.

Making use of Myth

Realizing ourselves as Nature.
6 Archetypal Online Journeys,
an O
nline Community

and one in-person Retreat in Wild Nature.
From June to early September 2022.

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This is a call from the depth of my being and from the mountain I call home:

Brothers, let's come together to do our fucking work! Now is the moment to remember and envision the manhood of the Coming World. 

Let's lift each other up in a circle of equals, let's sharpen each others' senses and remember our actual power! It doesn't lie outside of us, but inside, where our Heart touches the Earth.

To help us remember, we have powerful allies from the realm of the Archetypes who are yearning to work with us: 7 Gods, representing the broad spectrum of our essential humanness. Another pillar of this work is a deep, sensual reconnection to nature. When we relearn to listen to Nature, we will be sharply guided towards reality and truth. The envisioning part can't be done alone – this is why the third pillar simply is our Circle of Brothers - a Circle of Earth Gods. 

in all three pillars, it is my job as a guide to build the bridges: within the circle, towards the natural world as much as to the realm of archetypes, who have been my intimate companions since many years. More about me here: 

This journey is for every man who wishes to connect more deeply to himself, who longs to meet other men from the heart and to respond to the urgent call of these wild times. 


The combination of 6 online journeys and one in-person retreat will form a small and cohesive group where we can really get to know each other and find nurturance, guidance and trust. This page will give you an overview of the program.


I want to be surrounded by men who are claiming their true power. This power is gentle, in service to life and it arises from within, fueled by the nature we are.


When we feel the totality of our human potential, we do not look for power outside of us any longer. When the full potential of our being is realizing itself, there is no need to control the world around us, to suffocate our femininity or to put down other men. 


I want powerful men around me who acknowledge each other in their power. Men resting in themselves. Confident, with nothing to prove. Gods in that sense. We are all on our way there. This is an invitation to go some of this way together. 

I am not a Guru or someone who has checked something about masculinity and manhood that others haven’t.

I won’t show you how to be a man. What I offer is a field of exploration, where we deeply welcome and acknowledge each other, where every voice and point of view is there to complete the picture.


We don’t know yet what a connected, sacred, an uplifting Masculine looks and feels like. This is why we need each other as mirrors – as well as these potent archetypal forces to accompany us.

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The Gods of the Indo-European & Egyptian traditions that I am inviting as our guides are ancient forces, invented by us humans to remind ourselves of powerful aspects of our embodied life through myth, tales and mysteries. They represent the whole rainbow of human experience and each of us gives us their unique taste of it.

So becoming a God to me means to incarnate even more fully, to embrace our radical humanness. None of these Gods is hiding in a transcendental la-la-land, they are super-human in the sense that they are even more human than most of us in our everyday lives. 


I love to refer to their stories and myths because they can reflect to us our passions, our raging emotions and our sacred mission. Because these Gods are all inside us. Mythology gives us an archetypal map of our lighter and darker inner landscapes, it points us towards latent potentials inside us that are yet waiting to be realized in our everyday life. Integrating these aspects will give us access to an internal power that feels godly – and super natural at the same time.


We will start our online journey with the Celtic forest God Cernunnos, thanks to his antlers also known as The Horned God, instinctual man of the Earth, protector of wild animals and a passionate lover to the Moon Goddess. His sexual fire is generative, nurturing and fully innocent. Like the stag, his immense power arises from nature itself – gentle at the core. 

Right after, we will meet the archetype of a patriarchal father in Greek King of Gods Zeus – the perfect Godfather to explore our own myths and shadows around fatherhood and kingship. Big Daddy is followed by his rebellious son who is called Mars in the Roman tradition, God of war and the embodiment of healthy and unhealthy competition and warrior spirit. Striving to become the King of Gods himself, asap.


In Egyptian God Osiris, we will encounter the part of us that is broken, that is stuck in the underworld and in deep need of the Feminine within and without to become whole. A true journey to the underworld that can only be completed by the healing powers of his beloved, Goddess Isis. 

Her love, wisdom and access to the feminine mysteries can help to remind us of these qualities within ourselves. The Inner Alchemy of our feminine and masculine aspects will put us back together in wholeness – like Isis mended Osiris' scattered body. 


In our last online session, we'll meet Norse God Loki, the non-binary, shapeshifting trickster who slept with giants and gave birth to monsters. Similar to Mercury and Dionysos, he's a God who found his own balance of Masculine and Feminine energies and positions himself beyond morality. A Divine Child at play. 

In all of these online episodes, there will be storytelling, embodied exercises to really feel this archetype in our bones – and then a two week period to individually explore the shadows and qualities through a simple form of  "homework" and group sharing through a messenger group. 


After this we will gather in person, up on the mountain in the Italian Alps where I am currently living.


Germanic Chief God Odin will await us there, the wanderer, poet and original shaman who underwent many tribulations in order to gain insight and discover his innate poetic superpowers. 


Immersed in wild nature, we will encounter the archetypes we already are, potentially give birth to new Gods from our ribs, thighs and heads.

We will share our songs and venture back into our lives more humble, aware of ourselves and capable of holding our power, knowing that there is a band of brother Gods who have our back. 


To complete our journey, we will gather for 5 days in the wilderness of the Italian Alps.

A place with fresh air, clean water and wild forests, where wolves and eagles and bears are roaming freely. The perfect landscape to root the mythical inner worlds that we have been exploring online into our embodied reality - and to live in community for a couple of days. 

We will share a little house and live a very simple life. No fancy food, a lot of fresh air and poetry ...and a vision-quest-inspired immersion into nature

This mountain is my home since a year now and it feels special to invite you.  

The initiation we will be going through on this mountain won't be another lonesome hero's journey but a group-led process where we initiate each other into an ecosystem, into earth, into our radical humanness.


Let me introduce myself by identifying the Greek God Archetypes most active in me:


Just like Hermes, I am a guide through the tricky terrain of self-discovery. He was the one Olympian God who was able to accompany souls into the underworld – and return unharmed. An original trickster. The Romans called him Mercury, quicksilver. Transmutable between solid and liquid states, he represents the inner alchemy of our feminine and masculine parts. My life and work is very much about this: expanding the comfort zone, integrating as many perspectives on life as possible, diving through transformative waters and returning refreshed. 


Just like Dionysos, the Greek God of wine and transmutation, I am an agent of ecstasy who loves to bring people together to explore wild nature inside and outside. As the God of the now-moment, he also created theatre, which has been my profession for more than 20 years. By making theatre, I learned that an experience has to be embodied, otherwise it didn't happen. I also learned that play is damn powerful. It widens our imagination and deepens our understanding of life and the roles we play in it. Becoming aware of the roles we assign to ourselves can help us see the bigger picture. We become able to find ourselves in all the parts of the play. This can give us back initiative and the power to co-create reality and play with it.


Just like Pan, I love to explore and cultivate my desire – especially in Nature. The God of shepherds and sudden noon-time horniness was famed for roaming the fields and forests, constantly overflowing with music and joy, sharing love with nature spirits. Maybe the first ecosexual. I see myself mirrored in this instinctual God with goat horns and feet who was later demonized, just like sexual energy in general. But desire is innocent at its core. It is life force itself that longs to be liberated from conditioning and cultural distortion. This is the journey I am on: when my sexual energy is able to well up from the inside, I no longer grasp for it for in the outer world. I become more free.


Since many years, it has been my passion to make the re-connection to nature. In simple, embodied practices and ecosensual explorations, I have guided many people to become friends and lovers with other species and the elements. Nothing seems to be more urgent these days than to remember that we are nature. Especially as men who have been brought up with the idea that we are powerful only when we control nature, our inner life as much as the wild growth outside. 

We all long for new ways – with more freedom, more joy, more lived sensuality. That's what I show up for.


6 Archetypal Online Journeysbi-weekly

from June 16 to August 26, 9PM - 11PM CET on Zoom.


In-person Retreat in the Piemonte region of Italy

from August 30 to September 4, 2022.

The price for the complete online journey is 220 €.


The in-person Retreat of 6 days will be 880€, Food and accommodation included. Both will be rural, healthy and very simple. On the mountain we sleep in tents (limited beds available).

The idea is to form a small and cohesive container of only 7 men for the complete journey. So register soon!

Reach out to me if this sparks a fire in you. Let's have a discovery call to feel into your longing and what the space I am offering can gift to you.

In case you do not live in Europe or can not join the mountain retreat but still feel the call, let me know. If I feel your sincerity and passion, I will create some additional spots that are online-only.

Beige Minimalist Aesthetic Celestial Monoline Fashion Logo (1930 × 500 px) (Instagram Post
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