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There is someone inside each of us who is just the being that this historical moment needs. Right now is the moment to give birth to that being, to this human.

Exactly because it is a moment of breakdown, death, despair, it's also the moment to emerge as a human being. To emerge as a responsible adult. A part of the whole, ready to be in service.

A part of you will say that it's naive or even dangerously optimistic to see this moment as a birthing of a new world as well as a crisis. But moments like these are always both. And if there's some part in you who ever was ready to let go of the old fckd up systems and create a more kind and loving world, this is the moment to go to work.

For me this means right now to take a close look at myself, to examine where I am at as a human being. To take this moment of not having any schedule anymore and face my darkest shadows and fears, to scream, cry, feel my despair, my disgust, my anger at myself and the world and at the same time come to peace with all of that.

These days of selfisolation are such a perfect moment to find peace with oneself, or to learn to be okay with oneself, potentially fall in love, at least tolerate, at best to embrace all of me, even if this "me" is the most annoying person to be locked in with in the whole wide world.

Don't get me wrong. This is not about self-optimization. This is about preparing the grounds for the moment when we are allowed to meet again. Knowing that we can be kind, loving and easy with ourselves will make it so much easier to also form the bonds of solidarity we will need during the upcoming economic collapse. These bonds will take place in the real world, not on Zoom and Insta Live Feeds.

Let's have a meltdown together and fully emerge as the medicine that we can be for each other and ourselves.

Let this be the moment where we finally said goodbye to our fears of life and death and simply lived, beyond distractions, beyond commodification, beyond big stories.

Meet me here, in the cold air, with my body brushing by the dried out branches of giant fir trees, with mud sticking to my shoes, out of breath climbing steep hills covered with wet leaves, in love and speechless, walking alongside a singing stream - and in this whole forest, meeting nothing but friends.

Planet Earth is a safe place. If we collaborate with Her, the Earth will never let us go unnourished. May all beings everywhere be free of constant newsflashes, breaking news and fear spirals. May all beings be happy and live in peace,

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