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Live in Berlin next Monday after a couple of Online Editions. Find the Event Link in the comments...

There is a masculinity that is healing. A way to express it that is uplifting, supportive, nourishing.

As a man as much as any other gender: the quest for this new sense of masculinity in ourselves and in society is crucial if we wanna contribute to a world after patriarchy and toxmasc4toxmasc.

As result of my own personal struggle with masculinity it is my strong belief that it won't be done by simply abandoning or somehow "undoing" masculinity and manhood, by excluding men within and without, but by reinventing as much as remembering what it could become.

And this won't be done by lone wolves, no no... but only of we come together in a circle where we see all the possible expressions, all beautiful, all dignified in their own way, all medicine for the others.

I strongly believe that we only find new imagination by taking each other in fully. All genders, all who are touched by masculinity and all who are embodying it. Which means all of us. Trans*, NB, Intersex, even cis-gender straight guys!

This is why it is my mission to do work like this. I am grateful to be doing it in this format which gave me so much insight and joy already, along with my Melanie Bonajo live in Berlin at The Skinship, a lovely, somatic based queer community space close to Schlesisches Tor (fka The Basso for those with grey hair like me )

You are very cordially invited to join us if you are ready for a very simple meeting from the heart, ready to feel stuff and also listen to perspectives radically different than your own. This is not a debate, not about who is right but simply about listening to each other and learning from each other.

Don't hesitate to ask me if you have any further questions.


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