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Lover Earth

My time in Berlin ends with a soft landing back in the always welcoming, brutally honest, uncompromisingly harsh, lifegiving, affirmative arms of my Lover Earth.

Earth, it takes just some moments in your presence and the whole being slows down to pure sensuality. I become so still that each small ripple on the lake arouses me like the most loving touch, both tickling and soothing, Earth, you excite me and calm me. You heal me and complete me. Cold, wet, foggy and tender. I want to show up as my best self for you, Earth, fostering an ever-deepening connection.

My fellow fox, the fabulous Janina Vivianne took this foto while we visited Spitzmühle, one of the most gorgeous retreat centers ever, right at Bötzsee, which is my favourite lake close to Berlin. This beathtaking place will host my first ECOSENSUAL RETREAT at Easter 2020! 🐉

While I will be the main spaceholder, Janina will weave her powerful magic as producer of this event. Soon you will receive a proper invitation from us. For now I just leave you with my sensation of awe and gratitude for this Life.

I love growing up, getting stuff done, giving tangible forms and shapes to the longings of my Heart. This is a dream I am dreaming for a long time and I love all the colors it's showing me already now. Relating to the Earth as my Lover means to dive into soft Se*ual Healing and reconnecting with the Nature I am at the same time. Can't wait to share this long-term practice in-depth so soon. #Wow, #Thankyou!

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