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Exploring my new neighborhood. It's a garden of peace.

Friends, I want to share more with you soon. But during the last weeks, and still now, I feel like just being silent mostly. Soaking myself in the presences of these mountains, in the ice cold water of the river, watching the wild herbs next to it grow, getting to know the microbes in the garden soil. It's really a challenge to answer calls, write messages and be present on social media right now. Don't take my potential silence personally, please. I am simply readjusting, recalibrating, rewiring.

This is a new chapter. And a big one. I have been talking about this a lot, dreamed of, made art about and prayed for the chance to experience life beyond the big cities. It was the reason why I left Berlin some years ago. Now I landed, randomly, in this mountain paradise. After some years of travelling.

It's as scary as it is beautiful. Is my life over now? Aaaaaah... No. It's beginning. And for sure it's not the end of my work in theater, no attempt to hide from society and the complexity of modern life. But still, it's a decision to physically base more of my life on the actual planet I am part of. A decision to remind myself daily that the Web of Life, the Intelligence of Matter is my home in a slightly more urgent way than the digital world.

It feels like I entered school once again, literally learning something new every minute: A new language. Plant knowledge. Cold water. Compost. Chainsaws. Every pore of my body is vibrating with newness and dripping with gratitude. And while all this keeps me really busy these days, it is my deep wish to stay connected and also to make the blessings that I am receiving accessible to whomever feels called to it. So stay tuned for short videos, podcasts and texts or maybe nothing from the mountains one point lol... for now I just want to let you know that I am well.

May the imagination broaden, may peace prevail inside and outside, may the focus shift from preserving an outworn status quo towards curiosity and courage! Every moment can be the beginning of New Earth or however you wanna call it. All it takes is a decision, a shift of perspective, listening action. Kisses.

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