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Photo by Gina Vadana

Hi, my name is Daniel Bernhard. 

I’m an artist and a coach, working with groups and individuals.


It’s my joy to accompany people on their path beyond shame and towards expressing their self, sense and spirit in wholeness.

This wholeness is the gift that each of us is asked to share with the world.

There is a primal wildness in each of us that wants to come alive and remind us of something we as a species almost forgot:

We are nature, too.

When we make that reconnection to nature, it not only brings more purpose, dignity and direction into our lives, we also connect to actual power. Not a power-over to divide and control, but the roaring of life itself, an integral, creative force expressing itself through us in our daily lives. It's my mission to guide you towards that authentic power.


My workshops, retreats and heart-circles are held by a sense of playfulness, sharp emotional analysis and full permission for aliveness to be embodied in all its shades.

All of you is always welcome.


What I teach, I have experienced with my own body. I call this approach Sensual Research.


Whatever we look for in transcendental concepts and big theories, it’s right here in the wisdom of our bodies. When our senses awaken, they easily recognize the smell of truth. They know what authenticity tastes like and they get excited when they feel the presence of Spirit. That's what sensuality is to me: an embodied Date with Truth


But Sensual Research is not alone focused on this inner exploration. Group intelligence and intimacy emerge through the bodies as well.

No matter how disconnected we feel, we can re-learn how to trust each other – as well as the Earth that carries us. 

The spirituality I aim to cultivate is Earth-based, pragmatic and in service to Life. It shows itself in our every-day actions and choices.

Twenty years of experience in directing, writing and performing in theatre put me in close touch with the realm of the Archetypes, with ancient tale and myth. I propose to make use of these myths by finding the Godxs and Heroes inside us, the whole human rainbow. A work that calls upon our Myth Body – a primordial, cellular memory of the times when we were still forces of nature.


My personal journey through various gender expressions and sexual orientations lead me to become the man I am today, no longer limited to any narrative or identity. Thanks to these experiences, I can see the world from many perspectives, with empathy towards whatever story someone's coming from. This is one of my main foundations, especially in Men's Work.  

Further down on this page, you find my current offerings, themes of my work and some of my writing. Contact me if you have questions or feel called to work with me individually.

Here's some voices of people who have been participating in my work:

Photo by Gina Vadana
Photo by Gina Vadana
Photo by Gina Vadana

Daniel's big gift is to focus spirituality on its

very simple, spacious and liberating core, 

free from esoteric and ideological baggage.


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