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🫐 Not one cell in this body that isn't fully You, Earth. I came all the way from the Stars to become that. To become incessant lovemaking, with all of you. To admire, to sway, to sing. To offer you: a Lover. 🫐 My senses pray to your celestial body in all its forms, always. Your animals are my teenage crush, your minerals my sugar daddy. I am intoxicated by your plants and entranced by your delicious humans. Your fungi make me a total sub while viruses bring out my dominant side. 🫐 Oh, sacred all of these bodies, sacred mine. Take now what burst out of me in ecstasy: my seed. Thus giving back to you what has been yours anyways, gathered inside the most sensitive cauldron. Refined pleasure, crystallized life, activated DNA. 🫐 While I am pouring myself over you, I ask this: May you once be poured over my body, too, and dissolve me, and turn me into good soil. 🌱 May all your beings be free, may they all taste the nectar of life in matter. 🫐

Inspired by so many of my siblings who are menstruating attuning themselves to the moon and her cycle, working with their blood as a magic potion, I started a practice some years ago of honoring the seed that my body produces, in my own way. To consciously gift it to my Lovers, mostly my primary partner, which is the Earth, sometimes my human partners, but always in a way that is aware of the power that this liquid has. And the meaning I ascribe to it, my intention. This contains my DNA, all that I have to offer. It doesn't feel aligned to splash this into toilet paper and throw it in the bin. This is not about the whole repressive "taoist" idea of keeping your energy for yourself or about shaming joyful, generous scattering of seed. It's just something that works for me, especially together with the lunar cycle. And maybe it inspires you to do the same or start cultivating it or not doing it secretly any longer. I might write more about it. Slowly dissolving a taboo there, hopefully. So that one day it will just be normal for men to have moments where they collectively gift their seed into the ground to share their commitment to Earth. And to Life. 🫐

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