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ODIN/WODAN * The Seeker & Seer

Aktualisiert: 6. März 2022

He's the one-eyed god since he gave the other eye to Mimir in order to be able to see into the future. He's also the god who hanged himself from Yggdrasil, the Tree of Worlds, for nine days and nights, until the secrets of the runes were revealed to him. Not all-knowing, not even capable of doing what regular Germanic women, the Wala/Völva seers, would do to support their community. No battle would take place without the counsel of their female wisdom. Also the runes were easily read by the norns, ancient maiden entities, weavers of fate, residing at the roots of the tree of worlds.

So here's a patriarchal father god who realizes how disconnected he is from that kind of intuition. A restless wanderer across his worlds, in search of lost truth, clarity, vision. Odin/Wodan could be a patron to contemporary western truth seekers, as so many of us are desperately seeking to reconnect to some lost innocence as well, a clarity of vision that we feel our culture has lost while conquering the world and demonizing its own pagan roots. Odin could guide a way back towards our inborn, highly non-economic, super irrational, totally natural ecstatic potential. Or did he undergo all these ascetic practices just in order to gain more and more and more p o w e r and control? Is this what we are actually after, too, when we enter a spiritual path? And what makes it so easy for white supremacist wannabe pagans to claim his heritage, this weird shaman and restless wanderer, a figure that I could easily imagine to create under the influence of amanita muscaria... Let's look into it.

I proudly present you the ecstatic poet god ODIN, riding the eight-legged horse, as our highly problematic, mind-altering guest at this Sunday's edition of HANG WITH THE GODxS! * You are all that * Weekly Archetypal Playtime (Online) 6PM CET on Zoom. We will explore some seeeeing and some poetry ...and with our bodies feel into what this archetype can do and be for us, here and now. It’s as much a cute hangout as it is a transformational space. To register, write to For more info click on the name of the event above or ask me.

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