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My body is burning. My heart and lungs on fire. It's not a natural disaster, it's a result of millennia of placing abstract promises above the here and now, the bodies, the planet.

Abstract promises of heaven, money and a form of power that comes from conquering, controlling, capitalizing. Where you rather choose suicide than to let go of this fake power. Rather vote for fascists who are the most effective at organizing this mass suicide than to grow up as a species and take fucking responsibility.

I will try to take responsibility. To honour body and heart over anything else. No idea, no currency, no elaborate mental construct is ever more important than concrete, physical, embodied love, care, pleasure. Nothing more healing than connection.

What value do all my projects, identities, my glorious CV and artist bio have when my body is in concrete danger of dying? The Earth is our body. It demands focus. Now.

Stop all the mental games and distractions.

SENSE what is actually happening.

Wake up. Our body is burning, melting, shifting. It's calling for us to reconnect and listen.

Just like when a fever chains you to your bed. Forcing you to revisit your life choices. Reconnect. No need to be smart in order to do this. No theories necessary. No ideology, too. Just silence, slowness, listening.

The Matrix was fun, now is a good moment for some real shit. Actual embodied life. Breath in the fumes. Feel the pain. Immerse yourself. Slow down, honour this body, heal - or this fever will kill us.

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