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Life is Sacred

Life is Sacred. All Life is. In word form, this is just kitsch. But it can be experienced. And this will change you forever.

Last week, plants and animals, earth, wind, water and fire facilitated "my" course in energy healing & bodywork that I was organizing with a small group of committed Reiki students to deepen their practice. All that we learned about bringing harmony and connection, about sound, movement and breath, we were taught directly from garden trees, forest springs and little rivers, from bumble bees, ducks and sheep, from the crackling of the fire and the songs of the wind. No teaching could be more precise, no theory more complex and at the same time nothing is less complicated.

All it needs is to move through life with open eyes, awake, to listen with a sentient heart.

Not sentimental, but sentient.

Nature will start to talk and reveal itself, as family. To everyone.

So grateful to this family and their teaching and humour. Also a heartfelt thank you to the group that put their trust in my work and made time and space in their life for it to unfold. Such a joy!

🍃 ☀️ 🍃

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