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ISHTAR/INNANA * Mesopotamian Sky Goddess of BEAUTY

...and WAR ...and whatever else she f*%§ing WANTS to be the Goddess of! She'll be our guest at next Sunday's edition of HANG WITH THE GODxS! * You are all that * Weekly Archetypal Playtime (Online) (if she cares to show up).

SHE is not adaptable to the gender roles of western civilization, is kinda into violence, sometimes appears as male, is finally saved from the underworld by one or many non-binary creatures, was served in her temples by castrated, potentially homosexual priests and by female high priestesses who might have been sexual alchemy experts... the most magnetic principle of freedom and se><ual sovereignty. Also manipulative and greedy. Unspoiled beauty. Unforeseeable. Dangerous.

What is beauty, actually? What's our relationship to it? ISHTAR holds a key to the complexities of beauty and the mysteries of ugliness - let's see if she is willing to share some of it with us. We might also follow her on her way down into the underworld, where she meets her dark sister Ereshkigal, who literally strips her to the bone. Dress to impress! And be ready to give it all away.

It's on at Feb 20th, 6PM CET on Zoom. Proposed donation is 15 -25€. There will soon be a monthly membership for those who wish to attend regularly and to connect the dots between themselves and all these archetypal forces together with others.

In the first edition we met Demeter, Greek Goddess of Soil, Grain and Abundance. It was an embodied theatre exploration into what Hildegard von Bingen called "Viriditas": the green force (Grünkraft), a principle of life of death, a constantly nurturing, mothering, compost quality. Inquiring where this touches our lives and expressions in the midst of ecological breakdown and a world ravaged by patriarchy.

Last week we continued with Odin/Wodan, the seer, seeker and magician, father god of the Norse/Germanic tradition and with him explored how sacred rage can make us see. That turned out to be quite a shamanic journey. It activated something fascinatig that I will start to call The Myth Body, giving me another hint of the general direction of this work. More about that soon.

I am aware that these short weekly encounters can only give glimpses of what these archetypal forces are a portal to. There's so much more that wants to come through and I am still learning how to portion that, haha. It's potent. So, inevitably, there are deeper offerings around the Myth Body already growing, sourcing from all that I have learned in 20 years of making theatre and the sense of permission for all human expressions in play that I long to offer in the transformational spaces I am creating. There will be at least one in-person retreat this year, to be announced very soon. Exciting!

If you want to register for this Sunday, send an Email to and I send you all the information necessary. I propose not to wait until last minute if you hear the call. This way you can prepare more gently and take in all the preparatory notes. Looking forward!

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