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Hi! My name is The Mystery and I’m starting a new thing. It’s gonna be called:

We will spend a little over an hour together and call upon one mythic, archetypal force from the collective psyche: a goddess, god or godx - and play with them! There will be storytelling, embodied exploration and group connection through sharing and shaking what we find. It’s a transmission to awaken our ancient wisdom body, a creative practice in compassion towards all our inner aspects as well as a potential sensual activation.

Throughout the year, we will get together with Isis, inventor of Love Alchemy, with Hermes, the Non-Binary Shapeshifter, with Orpheus, the Poet, with Odin, the Magician, with Ishtar and Persephone, travelers of underworlds… We will chill with nereids, dryads, sylphs and satyrs and chop off our own million-fold heads. We’ll receive downloads of human greatness and mediocrity. And we will find the pathetic failed hero, the shining amazon, the glorious trickster all inside us, ready to be called upon when we need them, embraced as an ally, accepted as a super-humane part of us. We might feel more complete in the end, with the whole human experience vibrating in our cells, ready to take the next necessary step.

This Sunday, Feb 6th, we will start the journey with Demeter, Goddess of Earth, Soil and Abundance. We will follow her struggle with patriarchal dominion over Land (with special appearance by Baubo, the ancient witch) and rejoice in her overflowing that will always win. Following Sunday, we will continue with Odin/Wodan, the seer, seeker and magician.

It’s 1 hour and 30 minutes each session. Sundays at 6PM CET on Zoom. I request a donation of 15 - 25 € via PayPal. No one turned away for lack of funds. Write me, also for package bookings

You can join any one meeting or all of them. Have your camera on and bring your most precious, vulnerable self.

The PROGRAM for each week will be published as a post on the discussion board of the ongoing event linked above and in the comments below as well as my personal FB wall. So simply attend this event and follow my posts in there to stay informed.

If you want to REGISTER for one of the sessions, send an Email to and I will reply with payment details, a lot of excitement and a Zoom link.

If you want to RECEIVE MORE INFORMATION about the upcoming program as well as my work in art, healing and the senses, follow this link to sign up for my monthly newsletter:

* Disclaimer: Some of the characters we will be connecting with have been venerated as religious idols in the past. In this series we will not worship them, this is no service. We will meet them simply as the fruiting bodies of human imagination they are. We will meet them as equals, since we, too, are Godxs.

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