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Because the Night belongs to Lovers

"Love is a banquet / on which we feed." HAPPY SOLSTICE! Because the Night belongs to Lovers.

With this Sexual Healing Anthem by witch idol Patti Smith I send you my most sensual summer night greetings. May lust for life, abundance and defiant power be with you, in bright summerlight as much as in the darkest nights.

Excerpt from the first half of my theatre show BORN TO MAKE YOU HAPPY that came out in 2017 at Mousonturm Frankfurt, which starts as a song recital. After one hour we leave the stage and somehow everyone starts dancing in the foyer of the theatre, drinking raw cacao, then we take the streets, howling, and 30 minutes later I am wearing a beautiful dress and guide the audience through deep emotional release while singing Michael Jackson's Earth Song together. In the end, people are cuddling and singing together on a big fluffy carpet in the back of the stage, channeling their future selves, looking back at the empty seats where it all started. Theatre is about just this: we decide which game we wanna play. Social situations are made by people, they can be changed by people. Every structure can melt and turn into a new one, more free, more connected, more at ease.

At the piano: my love Vincent Stefan

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