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Giving thanks for this Life. For all of it; every breath of fresh Air that I can fill my lungs & blood with in abundance all the time; every moment where my body & mind can renew themselves diving into clean, fresh Water; every day the heat of the Fire in the sun just makes me horny; every moment the Earth's beauty, that I am made of and that I see around me and in every living being, just makes me cry and smile with joy. What I ask for is for every human being to experience this without effort, because it is all our birthright, for f*cks sake! Current humans and those of the future, also those living in areas targeted by deforestation, drilling and mining, those affected by economic and racial injustice, war and occupation, those affected by systemic violence against women and queers. I wish that I am able to change radically in order to contribute to these wishes. May my passion for beauty be strong, may I always realize what sustains me truly, may my Love be unconditionally furious when it comes to defending Life and unconditionally sweet when it comes to nurturing Life.

May I learn swiftly what that means.

Practically, politically, spiritually.

And eventually, like a tree, like a river, like the ants, take my place in creation, a place where I make sense and sustain myself and those around me effortlessly, egolessly, effectively, with joy. May it be so.

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